Monday, July 11, 2016

Review: The Truth About Alice - Jennifer Mathieu

Goodreads Synopsis:

Everyone knows Alice slept with two guys at one party.

But did you know Alice was sexting Brandon when he crashed his car?

It's true. Ask ANYBODY.

Rumor has it that Alice Franklin is a slut. It's written all over the bathroom stall at Healy High for everyone to see. And after star quarterback Brandon Fitzsimmons dies in a car accident, the rumors start to spiral out of control.

In this remarkable debut novel, four Healy High students—the girl who has the infamous party, the car accident survivor, the former best friend, and the boy next door—tell all they know.

But exactly what is the truth about Alice? In the end there's only one person to ask: Alice herself.

My Review: When I first started to read The Truth About Alice, I found myself a bit annoyed of how the story was revealing itself to be like. I just felt at first it was just reading about an annoying high school novel. Maybe it was in the way it was written, because each chapter was a different person's story of what happened. I will say finally, when I made it to the middle of the book I slowly found myself invested in each of the characters story. I also needed to find out what happened and what was the full truth of the situation with Alice. As I reached the end of the book I found myself left with wanting to know more about two of the characters in the book and how they turn out after high school. I don't believe it will be a constant reader for me, but eventually it does pick up a bit later on in the book. I didn't like the cuss words that were used, but of course I'm sure kids nowadays use these cuss words. Which for the story makes it realistic and of course I'm sure this has happened to some teens in our world during high school. As for the cuss words and if I had a teen I know I would not want her reading this book. The sad thing is we can't always shelter children, especially when this book is in young adult section. I have found there are quite a few young adult books that have some vulgur words and some sex stuff in them. But so far I have not read anything as if it was made for the Romance section. You sometimes just have to read these books before allowing your children to read them. I will say I won't let this book keep me from trying more of  Mathieu's books. Have a blessed day!

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Let's Not Quit!

Disclosure: I received 5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn't Quit by Nicki Koziarz  from B&H Publishing complimentary. Provided I give an honest response. Review on 5 habits of a woman who doesn't quit by Nicki Koziarz

 Synopsis from B&H Publishing:

 Have you ever gotten to the place where you just couldn’t take it anymore? Dreams. Programs. Jobs. Relationships. There are so many different areas where we feel like calling it quits. It’s time for an honest conversation on how not to give in to the temptation to give up. Nicki Koziarz is a woman who has thrown in the towel a time or two. In fact, she’s quit just about everything in her life. But with God’s help, she’s discovered a few habits that have helped her and others conquer the choice to quit. 5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit will enable you to: Evaluate the internal personal struggles that make you want to quit. Cultivate consistent habits to help you progress toward your goals. Receive a fresh dose of perspective from the Bible that will help you develop perseverance. You are not made to quit! Join Nicki as she identifies five habits to help you keep going no matter what struggles may come your way. 

My Review: I found this book interesting when the author is talking about how she started on her journey of learning not to quit. I have issues with quitting at times and procrastinating. She explains how her husband pointed out to her how she quits with nearly everything. She also starts asking herself is she quitting with God and every part of her life? She writes out 5 habits of how not to quit. The 5 habits are: 1. She accepts the assignment of refinement 2. She follows through with her commitments despite how she feels 3. She stays open to the movement of God 4. She gives others what she needs 5. She moves forward in faith. With each of these habits she explains about her life and how she used started to use these habits. I also enjoy how she puts in scripture here in there about the faith of Ruth, because Ruth is such a great role model for us to be like. I will say this book was a tad on the slow side for me to read and I must reread it myself. I may get more out of it the second time I read it. But for now I will give this book an okay rating. But you never know it may help you if you deal with issues of quitting. If this book intrigues you, you can purchase it at this LINK. Have a Blessed Day!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Book Review: The Lies About Truth - Courtney C. Stevens Book Review on The Lies about Truth by Courtney C. Stevens

Goodreads Synopsis: 

 Sadie Kingston, is a girl living in the aftermath. A year after surviving a car accident that killed her friend Trent and left her body and face scarred, she can’t move forward. The only person who seems to understand her is Trent’s brother, Max. As Sadie begins to fall for Max, she's unsure if she is truly healed enough to be with him — even if Max is able to look at her scars and not shy away. But when the truth about the accident and subsequent events comes to light, Sadie has to decide if she can embrace the future or if she'll always be trapped in the past. 

 My Review:  (Spoiler) I believe Courtney C. Stevens has done it again! She has written yet another great story, called The Lies About Truth. It is yet another story about real life struggles. The main character Sadie has to deal with her physical scars that came about from a car accident. She also has to deal with a friend she lost, and friends she was slowly pushing away. Slowly letting them slip away. I do enjoy reading a story like this because it shows me how people can be strong and actually get through those struggles. I enjoyed reading about her having a new relationship blossom because of the accident. Especially reading about how she got through her list of what she wanted to conquer to get back to herself. So she wouldn't be hiding and secluding herself anymore. There are a lot of folks who go through plenty of different terrible things. This is a good story that shows everyone we can be strong and conquer what we need to, to get back to where we want to be. 

I understand in my own way with my mental issues. I try to make my own lists also that I am working on. Some are attempting to drive again, attempting to fight the anxiety/depression I deal with. I want to make it to where I can work again. Just this morning I was feeling down and like I was getting nowhere. I believe finally reading the rest of this book this morning reminded me I need to keep trying. I pray With God's help I will eventually get there. I enjoy reading anything Stevens writes about, even if it has sad and struggling in the story. She reminds me with her stories that I or anyone can get through these storms and overcome them. I seriously cannot wait to see what else she comes out with. I wish there was a new book already coming out right now so I could read it. Her writing is very easy at catching and keeping your attention. You always want to see how things end up. So make sure to grab this book and give it a read. It won't be any time wasted at all. Have a Blessed Day!

Friday, May 06, 2016

Blog Tour: ARC Review: The Girl I Used to Be By April Henry

Disclosure: I received The Girl I Used To Be by April Henry from The Fantastic Flying Book Club complimentary. Provided that I give an honest review.


The Girl I Used to Be
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)
Release Date: May 3rd 2016
Genre: Young Adult, Mystery, Thriller, Contemporary, Suspense


When Olivia's mother was killed, everyone suspected her father of murder. But his whereabouts remained a mystery. Fast forward fourteen years. New evidence now proves Olivia's father was actually murdered on the same fateful day her mother died. That means there's a killer still at large. It's up to Olivia to uncover who that may be. But can she do that before the killer tracks her down first?

My Review: First thing I will tell y'all is the cover of this book is very inviting. The Cover and the title catches the eye very easily. Reason I had to try and sign up for this Blog Tour from The Fantastic Flying Book Club. I believe this is the first time I am doing a Blog Tour for them. I was so excited to be accepted into giving this book a read.  

In the beginning of this book it is talking about Olivia running from her kidnapper. Therefore, of course it already had me hooked to trying to figure out what was going on. In the next chapter it moves on to about maybe a few months before this scene. It explains this young woman's situation and will keep you hanging on your seat wanting to learn more. It sure did keep me guessing who the person was  chasing her in the beginning. 

During the whole story she is trying to figure out who killed her parents when she was just three years old. But when she moves back into the house that was owned by her grandmother, she decides to ask the folks in town about these murders. So of course when you are new and keep asking about details about a past murder, sooner or later the killer will find out and feel the need to get rid of the new girl who is curious in town. I will admit when the killer explains how her parents died, I was not expecting what he told her. I was still going by the guesses the townsfolk were guessing. I love this about any book or movie. The not being able to tell who the killer is and how it happened. It gets boring when you figure out the result easy and fast. Always give me something that keeps me guessing and makes me use my brain muscles. If you enjoy suspenseful type of books, this is one definitely to read. I also enjoyed how the author writes, because she knows how to keep you engulfed in the book. I know I will keep my eye out for Henry's other books to read.
About The Author: I write mysteries and thrillers. I live in Portland, Oregon with my family.

If you've read one of my books, I would love to hear from you. Hearing from readers makes me eager to keep writing.

When I was 12, I sent a short story about a six-foot tall frog who loved peanut butter to Roald Dahl, the author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He liked it so much he arranged to have it published in an international children's magazine.

My dream of writing went dormant until I was in my 30s, working at a corporate job, and started writing books on the side. Those first few years are now thankfully a blur. Now I'm very lucky to make a living doing what I love. I have written 13 novels for adults and teens, with more on the way. My books have gotten starred reviews, been picked for Booksense, translated into six languages, been named to state reading lists, and short-listed for the Oregon Book Award. 

I also review YA literature and mysteries and thrillers for the Oregonian, and have written articles for both The Writer and Writers Digest.

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