Friday, January 13, 2017

In a World of my own......

Disclosure: I received Wonderland: A Coloring Book Inspired by Alice's Adventures by Amily Shen from Blogging For Books. Provided that I give an honest review. 

I am going to be honest and admit I am late for posting this adult coloring book. I apologize for the late posting to BFB and my readers, because this adult coloring book is an amazing one that is Alice In Wonderland. I do have about three or four of them now. But of course Alice In Wonderland is my favorite, of course. This adult coloring book also has the story written in it. It seems like a shorter version, because it would be so much thicker if it was the full book. I do recommend if you are going to get an adult coloring book that is Alice In Wonderland themed, this is a very good one to choose! I can't wait to focus on my coloring in more to try and distract from my depression and anxiety. I need to get on the ball and try and focus more this new year. I am definitely going to be putting more of my time in this coloring book. If you want to purchase this book for yourself, click this LINK. Have a Blessed Day! Book Review for Blogging for Books Book Review for Blogging for Books Book Review for Blogging for Books Book Review for Blogging for Books

Friday, November 18, 2016

HE IS: Advent From Sacred Holidays

I had the blessing to receive Sacred Holidays He Is: The Attributes of God study Advent. I am so excited I believe it starts on the 28th of November, but it is okay if you start a little late. They have an advent study for women, girls, men, families, etc, and the bundles are 10% off at the moment! What is wonderful about his study is that whenever you purchase one, 10% of the profits go to provide studies to women in Prisons. Which it is amazing just to get the word out to people who need to hear and study the gospel.

I will try my best to post throughout the advent my experience as I go through the study myself. If y'all have been paying attention to my Instagram/Facebook/Twitter,  I have been posting where you can get a peek at what the study will look like on the inside. I am ready to dig into this study so I can get myself back into the Bible better than I have ever been. It is really hard for me to stick to certain things, for certain reasons. Here is a LINK so you can too go look and purchase which study you want to grab. It's never too late to purchase one, even if you start a little late in the study. Have a Blessed Day! Blog Post about He Is: The Attributes of God Study Advent from Sacred Holidays

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

She Reads Truth = The Bible

Disclosure: I received She Reads Truth: Holding Tight To A Permanent In A World That's Passing Away by Raechel Meyers and Amanda Bible Williams, complimentary from B&H Publishing. Provided I give an honest response. Book Review for She Reads Truth: Holding Tight To A Permanent In A World That's Passing Away by Raechel Meyers and Amanda Bible Williams, complimentary from B&H Publishing. Provided I give an Honest Response.

 I wanted to share the video that is shown on B&H Publishing for this book. It gives a good look at what you are going to be getting out of this book. It also introduces the authors of the book.


My Review: I always enjoy getting to read new books or Bible studies from She Reads Truth. I am also excited to see whatever new happens with this ministry. This book basically is Meyers and Williams telling about some of the rough times of their lives growing up and what they still go through now. Even though they share these parts of their lives with us, they also point out how through it all God is always the same. Even though we have the ups and the downs, we have our Bible and Prayer to show us that God is Truth. He is always there with/for us, and he will always be. One thing I like is that they share scripture they have read over and over to help them get through these struggles. Scripture that proves he is Truth. I do recommend this book if you are all about the Bible and the Truth of God. Also if you have/had struggles in your life, it is always interesting to read about other's stories and how they got through it. It shows no one is perfect and we all have downfalls etc. But the one thing that will help us get through it is our faith in God. Here is a LINK to purchase your own copy! Have a blessed Day!

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Endless Summer Voxbox - Influenster Review

Disclosure: I received the Endless Summer Voxbox Complimentary from Influenster. Provided I give an honest review. 

 I was Blessed enough to be chosen to review the products in the Endless Summer Voxbox from Influenster. I will post the pictures and explain what the product is and explain my quick review for each product under their picture. Have a Blessed Day! :) Blog Review for Influenster Endless Summer Voxbox Products

I apologize but I did not try the Iron-Tek essential protein because I was concerned about using it with some of my medicines I take at the moment. I also feel in order to get a full true review you would need to have the product for at least a month to use. You normally will not see a difference in just one try of something. I don't know how much other protein powder usually costs. But I believe this is close in range of the other products. It says for 30 servings you pay $44.99. I believe that is before tax. Blog Review for Influenster Endless Summer Voxbox Products

Max Factor - Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Eyeliner and Masterpiece Max Mascara

When I tried on the eyeliner I found it went on a little bit easier than some eyeliners I have tried in this style. I did find sadly this eyeliner was hard to stay on even just doing my makeup. I have allergy issues some some products that do not work well for sensitive skin and allergies make my eyes water. This is the reason why it was already coming off and I had to go over it with my other eyeliner I use. 

The Mascara again I had the tearing up eyes because of allergies. I could not tell any difference in using this mascara to the Cover Girl mascara I use. I just found it to be similar to a lot of your other mascaras sadly. I was hoping for a difference with these products compared to what I normally get. At least the prices for these products are not extremely high. That is one plus to these products they are around the same price as the drug store mascara and eyeliners. Blog Review for Influenster Endless Summer Voxbox Products

Me with the product on my eyes. Blog Review for Influenster Endless Summer Voxbox Products

Seche Vite Mini (top coat) and Seche Premier Colour (color name - Cunning)

I found I had to put three coats of this nail polish on my nails to fully coat them. Otherwise they would have had streaks and not have been evenly coated.  I did not notice a difference in chipping with the top coat on, compared to if I didn't have one on. I will say I love the color though! It is perfect for year round, but I am not sure if I would ever purchase this brand. Blog Review for Influenster Endless Summer Voxbox Products Blog Review for Influenster Endless Summer Voxbox Products Blog Review for Influenster Endless Summer Voxbox Products

Numi Organic Tumeric Jasmine Greeen, & Pu-erh Teas

Numi claims to be 100% Organic tea. I love trying new teas, but of course that doesn't mean I am going to love the taste of them. I have issues with tea with caffeine a lot of times because of how strong they can come off. The only tea I feel I can handle with the caffeine is the Green teas. I will say that is the only tea I enjoyed out of the choices they gave me. I always love to add raw pure honey to my teas for my natural sugar. It is much healthier than sugar or artificial sweetener. I will have to try the other types they offer though, because I have always found their brand good and affordable. Blog Review for Influenster Endless Summer Voxbox Products

Not Your Mothers Way to Grow Leave-in Conditioner

I found the smell of this conditioner a bit to strong and like perfume. I will say it did it's job as a conditioner, but it was the same result with my hair compared to the conditioner I already use. I would spray it on my still wet/damp hair after my shower. One plus I did find interesting is that it didn't leave my hair greasy, as I would assume any leave-in Conditioner would do to my hair. I normally would have issues with this because I just have naturally oily skin and hair. So normally leave-in conditioner is usually a no go for me. Other than that if they had a different smell to try I might try this brand again. Because sometimes it just seems easier to spray in a conditioner than put actual conditioner in my hair and then have to rinse it out.