Monday, June 14, 2021

My Pikachu ‘Woofs’ them down!

I recently had a chance to try out the Zesty Paws all ages salmon bites bacon flavor dog supplements. You receive 90 of these yummy, chewy, supplements for your Doggo. 

 I have to of course break these in a smaller peice than half because my little pikachu is smaller in weight. But of course she loves the taste and I’m hoping this will help her stop itching! The salmon oil and other ingredients should help her! So far I would recommend this if your dog has the typical dry skin.

  UPDATE: so far since I have been using these for my little Pikachu, I honestly cannot say I can see a difference yet if theses bites are helping her with her skin. It also doesn’t help she has been bitten by fleas and I have a bad feeling she is allergic to fleas. I would hope she isn’t allergic to these. But as soon as I can take her to the vet to get help for whatever reaction she is having I will re-edit to let everyone know what the outbreak was from. But I bet it was fleas. Or even grass it seems dogs are allergic to nowadays. She still is loving eating these treats though! She thinks they are so delicious! 

You can purchase this brand on these two websites:

Here is my little stinker Luna!

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