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This Policy is valid from October 2, 2012

The reading of www.enchantedexcurse.com is at your own free will.

Unless otherwise noted I am the Legal Copyright holder of all the original material on my blog. No one is allowed to use, reprint, etc, without my written consent.

All the information on my blog is for entertainment/Review purposes only. Readers that read or use any information from my blog do so at their own risk.

I will not sell any of my readers personal or contact information to anyone. I will not put their information on spam lists. I am also not responsible for privacy practices of advertisers or blog commenters.

I reserve the right to change the style/use of my blog, sell, shut it down, or to change the terms of use at my own discretion.

I am not responsible for the actions of my advertisers or sponsors. (example: If there is any issue with the product I review. You must go to that company with your issue.)

From now on I will put a Disclosure at the top of my blog post. This will list the sponsors that I either have received free products or payment from. When there is no Disclosure at the top of my blog post, this means it is not a sponsored post. I either received the item from the library, a gift from a friend/family member, or I purchased it myself. All product reviews are 100% my opinion.

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