Saturday, June 05, 2021

Let's get Organized!!

Disclosure: I received this foldable storage box, with lid from IMHO on Amazon through Tomoson

The IMHO store on Amazon has some very cute foldable storage boxes! So far it seems it only comes in Large, the size I received from the IMHO store. Also at the bottom of the page it does state there are other stores who sell these foldable organizers. Whenever I clicked on the IMHO store link I noticed they sell basically just home goods for organization. I know I need more of that in my life. (My fiance will of course tell you that. lol)

I decided to use my adorable blue storage box to organize my diapers and wipes that I keep right next to my lil man's play yard that has a changer that attaches to it. I know that is one item I have received that made my fiance happier so we can keep at least some more organization happening in the house. Sadly the past few years I have lost my will to focus and organize, but I am working on my way back to getting it done! Especially with finding more organizational items on Amazon.


Tomoson IMHO Foldable Blue Organization Box

Tomoson IMHO Amazon Organizational Box

Tomoson IMHO Amazon Organizational Box

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