Thursday, September 24, 2020

Crafty Washi Tape

Disclaimer: I received this product for a cheaper price from United Tapes for my  honest review 

 I have been looking around for different types of washi tapes that I can use in a journal I purchased. My decision was to make a Positive Journal. A Journal where I may do art or use stencils with only Positive word. That way I can look back into it whenever I am having a day I'm feeling down I can loo into it and remind myself all of the great things I am and can be. Of course I will put in scriptures that I read that speak to my heart also. 

One of the pages in my Positive Journal. 

I have tried quite a few different brands of washi tape before and this brand works just as well as the others. One thing I love is the cost is 14.99 right now and you receive 20 different Rolls. You get so many different prints in this purchase! Also United Tapes does free Returns. 

Here is the link to purchase these amazing washi tapes from

One other thing I wanted to share was one of the web links I found on Pinterest on what other ways to use washi tape. There are many ways to use washi tape that I didn't even think of myself. lol I need to start getting more creative again like I used to be. Well I decided to do one of the ideas and it was just to decorate your Juice box to your charger. Simple but very cute and now I will go look for more ideas and think of more ideas myself! 

Have a Blessed day!!  Meow!

The Link to the website I found on Pinterest!

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