Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Supporting Local Businesses!

 Disclaimer: I received this product from Thee Color Boxx for free  for my honest review.

This local Business may not be in Arkansas, but that doesn't mean we can't support local businesses in other states also. I love finding Boutiques and local businesses that are around because they don't just sell the same items that anyone can purchase and end up with the same item. A lot of times they will have very unique items you cannot find anywhere else. 

Thee Color Boxx is is owned by Shannon Sorhaindo and every piece of jewelry is handmade by her. Also the some beads she states come from around the world and can be hard to find again. Which makes every piece very unique and special. 

The categories on her website www.theecolorboxx.com include: Women's Bracelets, Men's Jewelry, Charm Bangles, Necklaces, and Custom Pieces. The Bracelet I received was the Rose Gold Candy Bracelet set. I am in love with the colors of this Bracelet! I also enjoy a lot of other products on her site that I will need to purchase for myself. One other important thing is the product you buy will come with a little card that explains how to take care of the piece of jewelry you purchased. Which I find is very thoughtful and helpful.

I will post the Website, Email, Facebook, and Instagram link below the pictures.

Now the Bracelets are normally three separate bracelets. I just decided to wear two.



IG: theecolorboxx

FB: the_colorboxx

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