Monday, August 31, 2020

Lovin' Me Some Pooh Bear!

I ran out of Diapers this week and of course made a run to one of the closest stores I could find. Which was one of our Dollar Generals. I like looking around at the different toys, books, clothing, etc they have. Well I found one of the cutest outfits for my Little One!!! My favorite things about the outfit is it had Winnie The Pooh on it! The outfit also comes in three pieces, a bib, a onesie, and pants that have little honey pots on them!! It is normally $9.00 but it was on sale for $4.50 plus tax! They said right now every clothing item that has a yellow dot is on sale!!! I just felt it would be great to share this info with my friends and followers if y'all live near a Dollar General. I don't truly care about Brand name items, what I look for is if I love it, I'm going to buy it! I can not wait for my Little one to be able to wear it! Also I hope the sale is still on when I get more money in the bank. They had a lot of cute different outfits! So make sure to take a Gander at y'alls Dollar General. 


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