Monday, August 12, 2013

I Was Bawn A Gingah!!

Evening Loverlies!!!  I have seriously tried to find a blog header or a blog template, all day long.  I'm pooped.  You think it would be an easy task, because its the interwebs.   There is loads of shtuff on here!!  LOL  I found a few templates I liked but sadly they are spensive. I beleive 60 bucks.  They are so pretty though.  I may just have to wait till I can afford it.  Because they look so worth it.   I am just not happy with my blog the way it is, and I won't be till I find somesing. Sheesh. LOL  Been Talking with my Sister David today on skype. (He is not really my sister and yesh, he's a dude.  LOL It's just a thing we do. I'm his brother and his is my sister.)  I missed talking with him.  It's hard for him to get on skype call at the moment because his aunts are in town.  It is Nighttime, well actually like early morning, where he lives.  He lives in South Africa. :)  So yesh sleepy times for him, even though he has his clock set to pacific time. LOL Which I do not mind, that way I can chat with him. LOL  I love my Gaybie Friends!!  They are alot of fun and accept me for my weirdness.  Basically because they are weird also.  But Weird is much more fun then non weird. eh?  You have to keep life interesting and non stressful with sillyness.   Anyways, back to searching!!  I will leave y'all with a picture of me in a pageant when I was younger.  I didn't like em, but my momma made me do em. LOL
Ta Ta For Now!!

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