Friday, August 23, 2013

No Stinkyness Here!

Evening Loverlies!
The other day I was grocery shopping at walmart.  I decided to look at the aisle with the nail polish, to see if theres any new colors or anything I haven't yet tried.  I found this nail polish that claims it is water based, non toxic, odorless, and even has some vitamins in it.  They had alot of cute bright colors, so I decided to try one.  I bought the polish called AFFA. 

Scuse the Lighting I had here.  The color is just a lil bit lighter then shown.

 It is this pretty light lilac color.  As I put this nail polish on, I do notice it has no odor and is very cold.  Also you will need 2 - 3 coats.   I was excited about it so pretty and my fingers felt like easter 
eggs. *Giggles*  By today, I have only had it on for two days.  I decided to take it off and put some green nail polish on to match my shirt Imma wear tommorow.  Alrighty I go to take the nail polish off and it's the hardest polish i've used to take off.  I would say even harder then takeing off glitter nail polish.  I'm not very fond of nail polish you have to really scrub hard to get off.  I don't know, but maybe because it is water based is why it's harder to get off?  I'm not the best with science stuff.   So, Yes, Dissapointment.  I donno If I will use it again.  But If ya don't mind haveing to take your time and scrub off nail polish, I say go ahead and give it a try.  Because it did seem like it was a healthier nail polish, not being able to smell the stinkyness of nail polish of course. *Giggles* Also there are alot of pretty colors to choose from.  Click here though if y'all want to read about this polish for yourselves.  Enough of my explainings. *giggles* Ta Ta For Now!!

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