Thursday, September 12, 2013

Walaah, First Throw Back Thursday!!

Evening Loverlies!!
Yes, I know I blogged today already, but I wanted to start doing throw back Thursday.  I see folks on FB and instagram posting these pictures every Thursday.  So, I want to share also. :)  This picture I believe was taken in 2005. I was So much skinnier then.  Dangit!! I need to get on the ball and attempt  excercising I still have that couch to 5k app, that I haven't attempted yet, only because I'm scared to get outside where there are wasps and bees.  There are also alot of horse flies. YUCK!!  I just recently found out from my sis - in - law that horse flies suck your blood.  How gross is that??  Makes me even more scared to go outside.  These bugs just love staying in our carport area.  So therefore I haven't attempted to go outside by myself.  I am hoping they will be gone soon, since it is almost Fall.  WEEEE!!!!  I love fall and christmas!!  I think I will do another post if they open Deck The Halls Y'all back up.  That way y'all can see the goodies they have to offer there.  This Picture my hair was shorter.  It was actually around the time I started liking my hair more.  Because it had grown out, finally.  I think it was just a few months before this.  (So hard to remember)  I had my friend April cut my hair.   she layered it before and she done such an awesome job.  So here we were again for a trim, to get my layers cut again, BOOM!! She cut my hair totally different and I felt extremly short then the first time.  I was totally depressed and angry. Of course!  Well it grew out finally and I got used to it. Sheesh, Never again have I let a friend cut my hair. *LOL* Nevahhhh!!!  Anyways, Enough of me blabbering. I'm off to do other things maybe. 
Ta Ta For Now!!

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