Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Beautiful Lip Color Y'all!!

Mawnin' Loverlies!!
I was given the chance to try out this new pretty red lip color.  It is called Lip Color Holiday Red.  The product is made by BA STAR.  This lip color  basically looks like a thicker lip liner pencil to me.  The lip color was very easy and smooth to put on. At first I was iffy about this color, only because I never think red looks good on me.  But I am very surprised and happy to notice it looks quite decent on me. :) I am so happy.  All I have to do now is figure out outfits I want to wear with this lip color on. I have noticed after four hours it is still as red on my lips as when I first put the product on, which is awesome!  This lip color will be perfect for when you have those Thanksgiving and Christmas get together's with your families, hence the name Holiday Red.  Their pricing is so affordable, I suggest going to their site at BA STAR and picking out a lip color you love.  Here is a discount code  y'all can use while shopping:  BBLIPS.  The discount is 50% off the full retail price and cannot be combined with other offers.  No one can pass up that deal, no one.  
Ta Ta For Now!!

[Sponsored post brought to you by BA STAR and Brandbacker]


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