Friday, October 25, 2013

Everyone Needs A Shoppin' Buddy!

Afternoon Loverlies!! Have you ever just needed someone to go shopping with ya? Someone to help ya pick out what certain accessories or shoes go with a shirt? Well There is a perfect website for folks when their friends are just too busy to help ya shop.

This site is called WGWT, or unabbreviated What Goes With This. What you do is find the image url or upload a picture of a certain top, jewelry, dress, pants, etc. Then you write down what you need help with and what your price limit is. Then all you do is share and wait for a response. Others will see it on their feed and if they can think of anything to go with what you posted they will click recommend and share their opinion. How Nice is that?? You can follow people on this site and also recommend help for others who need it. It is such a loverly way for shoppers to come together and help each other.

Another thing is you can use this site to put together your own looks and share with folks. Don't ya just love social networking!! There is a point system on this site where you can earn points or be demoted points. You basically need these points to make requests and recommendations etc. Here is a link that shows how to earn points. I suggest y'all taking a look at it!! Don't miss out!! Ta Ta For Now!!

[Sponsored blog post brought to you by WGWT and BrandBacker]

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  1. Oh this is cool, I could always use some help accessorizing my outfits!


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