Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pumpkin Pickin'

Mawnin' Loverlies!! Guess what I did this weekend!!! I went to a Pumpkin Patch! YAY!! It was my first time ever to go and actually buy a pumpkin from anywhere. Some odd reason we didn't buy pumpkins when I was little. Weird, I know. My hubby, sister in law, and I decided to take a trip towards Augusta, Arkansas. That is where the Peebles Farm and Corn Maze is located. Well, In between Augusta and Mcrory, their site says.

They have all kinds of activities there for you to do. They have a wagon ride, hay ride, pumpkin patch, 20 acre Corn maze, sunflowers (sadly they are starting to wilt since it's autumn), tractor pulled train ride, small petting zoo, concessions, cotton picking, corn cannon, and also bon fires on the weekend. At night you can go through the corn maze with a flashlight, spooky eh? The pumpkins are all over the place and decent prices. I got two, a small and big one, for $8.00 even. They also have a lil store where you can buy homemade jam and t-shirts.

We had a little bit of trouble finding the place because google maps just doesn't like the address or something. lol But it seems the best place to contact them is making a post, or asking someone in the comments on Peebles Farm and Corn Maze Facebook page. I have seen them post pretty often, and others post on their page also. I will post what I did with my pumpkins once I get them finished. ;) Anyways enough with the jabbering!! On to my Pictures!!! Ta Ta For Now!!

It took us a while but we made it!!  

Me and my Hubby!!!  lol He is silly!!! ( I look so tired, ugh) oh well eh?

Cotton, some of them were still needing to bloom it looked like.
I love this picture. ;)

Hubby shooting a corn gun!!

The target he had to shoot at!!

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