Monday, November 18, 2013

Learn MORE About Me MONDAY!

What is wrong with me? lol  This was in 2007, My husband and I just moved here so we didn't have the frame yet for the bed.  I decided to ask him to take a picture of me jumping on the bed.  Yep, welcome to my world!!
Also my arms hyper extend?  I think that's what you call it.

Mawnin' Loverlies!! Let's make today's post about Learn MORE about me MONDAY!! yay!! I will just tell y'all some random things about me. How interesting this is going to be?? Well I am weird, so I think it will be interesting. lol

1.) When I was younger around the age 4 or 5. ( I always seem to remember stuff around this age alot. lol) I had an OCD issue I guess you can call it, where I had to flare my nose until it just felt right. It didn't have to be any certain number, just when it felt like it was just right. I know weird. lol I also did that with blinking and popping my ears by opening my jaw. I just had to do it. I am so happy that I don't do it anymore.

2.) When my hubby and I first got married, he loved to surprise me by rearranging the living room when I got home from work. Well I don't like when things are changed without me preparing for it or if stuff is not put properly the way I see it. So I freak out with anxiety attacks. My hubby doesn't change the living room anymore without my help. Thankfully. lol

3.) I have always had weak wrists and ankles. Again, when I was younger my ankles would just give out while walking or running. My wrists were so weak that I had to have my Grandma open jars and soda bottles for me.

4.) I was extremely shy that when a teacher would call on me, it would take me about five minutes or more to muster up the courage to talk out loud in class. A lot of times I would just get in trouble for staying quiet.

5.) One of the main nightmares I had when I was little was about candy canes. You know when you close your eyes and you see those colored sparkly dots and shapes etc? Its like colored noise. You know when pictures have noise, it's like a staticky look? Well when you close your eyes you see colored noise in shapes even. Well in my dream, there was that and candy canes. Some candy canes were really fast and some were really slow. For some reason that freaked me out. That was my night terror I had when I was younger. It was reoccurring also. lol

Well, There you go, 5 Things about me that you never knew. lol I'm telling y'all i'm weird. But ya know, weird is fun and interesting!! We should all be weird more often eh? Hope y'all enjoyed reading my post today. :) Would love for y'all to post a loverly comment about yourselves. Ta Ta For Now!!


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