Friday, December 20, 2013

Distracted Are We?

Evening Loverlies!! Not much to talk about today on ze blog. I know I am ready for Christmases to be over kinda. Maybe next year will be better eh? I think I am just anxious, cuz I will have to be away from my house whilst visiting some family. I get anxious away from my house. I also get anxious, because I hope folks like my gifts!! Soon I shall have some reviews for y'all. One of these books I won from a giveway, the other review will be of some loverly tupperware. lol :) I am excited to try out these tupperware to see if they work. WEEEE!!

I have been trying to get through these books. I just get so distracted with other things. Shame, Shame. So many books to read, so many distractions to keep me from them. I guess that's life eh? lol There is another cool app I wanted to share with y'all before I go. It is called Dramatic Black & White. So cool. So many different filters and such you can mess with to give to your black and white photo. The picture I took was whilst riding in the car one day coming back from Batesville. :) Turned out pretty decent for a picture taken while we are moving. Early Merry Christmas Y'all!! Ta Ta For Now!!

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