Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Count Your Steps!

Happy Noon Loverlies! It is so hard to stick to exercising, but we must stick to it!! I'm trying to get my hubby and I to stick with walking daily. It will make us healthier and give us more energy. Which we need, especially my hubby. He has just started school again, but this time online classes. Going to school full time and working full time is a very hard task. But a lot of folks have to do that nowadays. So I am thinking if we can stick to walking, losing weight, and getting healthier. I believe that extra energy he will have from doing this will help him focus. That way we can move on to other goals in our life, like maybe having babies finally. This Christmas everyone was asking when will they have grand babies/great grand babies. Well, when we can afford it. lol Will that ever be possible though? Hopefully so!

I got this Neat 4x3 Runner Digital Pedometer from Ozeri just in time! It will be perfect for walking and  jogging.  That's what I am going to work up to, jogging. This device let's you set how many steps you want to achieve as a goal. you type in your weight and etcetera and get going. WEEE!!

What is stated on package: 

1.) Features dual walking and running modes
2.) Tracks your progress toward daily exercise goals 
3.) New 3D smart sensor ensures total accuracy 4.) Tri-Axis technology works in any position 
5.) Counts up to 1 million steps 
6.) Tracks your steps,speed,distance,calories, & Fat Burned 
7.) 30-day memory
8.) Clock and exercise timer
9.) Auto sleep mode 
10.) Sleek profile fits in any pocket
11.) Includes lanyard, belt clip & lithium battery


1.) Dual walking & jogging modes
2.) Steps to goal 
3.) Fat burned 
4.) Exercise time 
5.) Calories
6.) Speed

This device is pretty easy to setup. It comes with an instruction manual, but I guess i'm a bit ditzy, because I haven't figured out where the recorded calories burned display is. lol Also I noticed whenever I start it shows 11 steps have been taking already. I don't know if that is something I am messing up? Or maybe it just does that. Other then that it seems to work pretty decent. :) Can't wait to keep using it everyday so I can keep track of my goal! I would say it is a neat device being my first pedometer I've ever used. Go ahead, take a chance on it. ;) Here is a LINK to where you can grab your own. Ta Ta For Now!

How many steps I took. lol

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