Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jump In The Line "Pow"!

Afternoon Loverlies! I have lately been loving comic book word items. I hope that makes sense. lol You know when you are reading comic books and they have their words in bubbles. Also where they have them fighting and such and you see "kaboom", "Pow", "Bang", etc. I have found some items with those words on them, I wanted to share with y'all! I will share where I purchased the items below the pictures for y'all.

                                                         Kinda thin at the toes, but Still Cute!
From Wal-Mart

From Wal-Mart

                                             Kinda messy, but I tried! I still think they are cute! :)

Got this for about 4 Dollars off of Amazon! LOVE IT!!

I also want to share about where I got my new blog design. I am so Excited about it! I finally feel like it fits my blog name. We still have two more things to tweak on it, but it is mostly done. We just have to fix where my copyright section goes and the mobile version a tad. Then Walah! A friend of mine is starting to sell custom blog designs. You can get a layout design similar to mine for 40-80 dollars, depending on your requirements needed. If you want to view his blog it is If you want to email him about a blog design his email is He is very easy to work with. :D Just thought I should share that with y'all also. :D I decided to leave this blog post short and with my pictures. ;) Also I would love to share a song I enjoy! It reminds me of Beetljuice, I love that movie. I think they should remake it to be honest. Ta Ta For Now!

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