Monday, April 28, 2014

Here I Come Mandelbulb!

Mawnin' Loverlies! Yesterday was awful for Arkansas, and some other states that got the same tornado. We need prayers for the towns and states affected if y'all wouldn't mind. I was so scared when the nader was coming, we grabbed our fur babies and got into the bathroom. Thank the Lord we are safe and so far I believe our friends and family are safe. All I know was I was praying hard in that bathroom, because it was so scary! I noticed there are quite a few volunteer and donation work going on at churches and I'm sure RedCross. I also wanted to share this facebook page, it is for lost and found pets from the Tornado.

On a more happier note! I have decided to start attempting Fractal art again! I joined this group called Mandelbulb Maniacs and they have a section tab in the group called files. In their files tab they have the free download to Mandelbulb 3d and some tutorials to help you. They are also very helpful when you ask for help. I wanted to share one of the first fractals I have made yesterday since starting this program. I posted under the picture what the names of each piece are.  :) Enjoy! Ta Ta For Now!

"Byrds Of Beauty"

"Famous Beauty"

"Little Pond"

"Splash Of Prayer"

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