Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hey! Start Dash

Evening Loverlies! I have lately been sucked into another cutesy anime! lol I learned about this anime when I was at hastings. They have this collectibles you can purchase that are surprises. I say they are suprises because you don't know which character you are going to receive when you purchase them. I decided to take my chances and buy one, well after I watched a few episodes of the anime of course. I got really lucky! I received the character I wanted, her name is Honoka. She has her little performance dress on also, so cute! This anime is about these three girls finding out that soon their school will close if they don't get any students interested in attending. So Honoka gets an idea of joining her friends together and making them school idols. There are other schools with school idols also that are more popular. It is a very cute story and I love the music. Only odd thing I will warn y'all about is, one of the characters likes to go behind the girls who are not doing as they are supposed to and squeeze their boobage area. Yeah, I just ignore that part because, eww it's weird. Other then that it is decent anime I think. lol 

Back to the collectible talk. I know, so silly to purchase something like a collectible. I think it is fun though and normally I will only purchase one. I would hate to buy another and get the same product, because then what do you do if you have the same product? lol Who would you give it to? lol. I also found a few more cute and cheap collectibles at hastings and even at hallmark. The collectibles that are from hallmark are cute little Disney plushies. I had to at least purchase one of them. One more thing I decided to collect was this cute bunny looking item with a mustache. This bunny thing is called a Labbit, which I think is from some cartoon? I have no idea but it was just too cute! What kind of collectibles do you collect? Comment below if you want to share. :) Ta Ta For Now!


Also wanted to post one of the songs from the anime! Enjoy!

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