Monday, November 24, 2014

Electro Fantastic!

Afternoon Loverlies! I have recently been given the oppurtunity to review three One Direction makeup sets. The sets are Liquilights Glow Gloss, Electroglam Mascara and Rock Me Nail Varnish with 3 pots of nail toppings included. I did not realize prior to receiving these sets that I needed a black light and one of those Gel nail polish dryers ( I think that is what it is called). Which explains why my nail polish doesn't dry correctly. *Facepalms* Excuse my ditzyness for a bit, thank you. Apparently each of the products are perfect to wear to places that use a black light so you will glow! Also the Electroglam Mascara can be used for your hair. How awesome is that? I will have to find out where to get one of these black lights and try it out. Now to what comes in each set!

Liquilights Glow Gloss: Through the Dark (Glows to neon red-orange), Taken (Glows neon orange), and Kiss You (Glows neon yellow) 
Electroglam Mascara: Story Of My Life, Does He Know?, Why Don't We Go There
 Rock Me Nail Varnish: Happily, Moments, Diana Nail Glitter: Kicks, Not Afraid, Star

This makeup set was put in stores around November 15th. Here is a list of stores you can purchase it from: Macy's, Dillards, Boscov's, Stage Stores, Beauty Brands, and Lord & Taylor. Each set runs around $16.50 plus tax. I have some other awesome news to share with y'all! You can enter to try and win a limited edition set of your own! I will post how to enter at the bottom of my blog post. Sorry I am a bit late at getting it on my blog, so hurry up, because there is only a few more days left to enter! 
Have A Blessed Day!

Left to Right: Why Don't We Go There (Blue),  Does He Know? (Pink),  Story Of My Life (Yellow)

Left to Right: Kiss You, Taken, Through the Dark 
Top Row Left to Right: Moments, Diana, Happily
Bottom Row Left to Right: Kicks, Not Afraid, Star

Wanted to show what each polish looks like. The pink has the pink glitter on top.
(Please excuse my pictures I had to use my phone)

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