Friday, December 05, 2014

Beautiful Christmas Musics!

Afternoon Loverlies! We recently purchased the new Pentatonix Christmas album!! I have enjoyed listening to this album over and over again. Even though one of the songs is called White Winter Hymnal. I wouldn't call it a Christmas song. If you actually listen to the lyrics, they sound a bit morbid. I had to do some research and found Fleet Foxes originally sang this. And that the person who wrote this song stated in an interview that the lyrics were meaningless.  I just try to picture it as a little kids view of the children in front of him with scarves and coats on. I also try to picture the part where it states "Michael you would fall, and turn the white snow red at strawberries in the summertime" as a little child falling and scraping his nose. You know like kids do. That way it doesn't freak me out as bad, because I love listening to the harmonies of the song. lol I just wanted to share the youtube videos for y'all to listen too and watch. The believe the albums is well worth buying. Have A Blessed Day!!


  1. Sweet! My kids love Pentatonix. I'll have to get the whole album.

    1. I have the album and it is hard to stop listening to it!


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