Friday, December 19, 2014

Them Blue Icicles

Afternoon Loverlies! Last night my hubby's job just decided to tell him that we had to go to his work Christmas party. Yes, I didn't take it very well. I thought ok I can do this. I will just put my makeup on and get my hair fixed. Then I started to worry about my outfit and I got hot flashes, finally BOOM anxiety attack. Silly, yes I know it sounds silly, but it did not feel silly at all. Once I took my meds and they finally kicked in I felt a bit better. My brain just thinks I have to look perfect, because his coworkers will see me and I must look my best for him. I understand it should not matter that much, but in my brain it does. Once we got in the car, we went first to the gym to sign up for a membership. I am so happy we are signed up and we are going today to start exercising. So there is one blessing I can share during the night of anxiety. lol

After the Christmas party, which thankfully was very short, we decided to go look at the lights at Harding University. They have ice blue lights all over their little park area. (I have no idea what they call it). I apologize ahead of time if the pictures don't look as decent. I didn't have my camera with me, so I had to use my Iphone. The pictures look great on my Iphone, but as soon as I send them to my email to transfer them to my computer they lose some resolution. I would love to see any pictures y'all have of lights! Have a Blessed Day!

My hubby and I :D

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