Monday, April 27, 2015

Still Alice

Hello there Loverlies! I finally purchased Still Alice by Lisa Genova. I have been wanting to read this book for a while now and I have found out the movie comes out to purchase in may! I must rent it! Still Alice is about a woman named Alice Howland. She is a Harvard professor in pyschology and linguistics. She also travels and does research with her husband, whom is also a professor. She is a smart woman with three children and a career she enjoys immensely. Right before her 50th birthday she starts having memory issues where she forgets certain words. She even gets lost when she goes for a run and cannot remember how to get back to her house. Alice finally goes to see a neurologist and finds out she has early on set alzheimers. This story is about how she deals with, and what she goes through with this illness. It also shows a glimpse of how her husband and children react to it. 

It is a sad story, of course, but I found it well written. It is also very informative if you have never experienced or had a family member go through it. It is a must read for anyone. I love how Genova wrote this story and how she wrote about a difficult illness. I believe these type of stories are good for anyone. Good in a way that it will help us understand a little bit more how an illness is. I really do hope one day there will be a cure or something so close to it. This is one thing that does scare me, because I have no idea how I would deal with this illness. This book is very easy to read and stay glued to. The only thing that bothered me was the Alice in the book had different looks then the actress who played her in the movie. I have issues picturing my characters sometimes, and that didn't help me. lol Have a Blessed Day!

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