Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Zealand, My Kitty!

Hello Loverlies! If you follow my twitter, you will know I've been having to take my cat Zealand to the vet a lot last month. We have recently found out he has Kidney Disease. This was very stressful finding out. He may be a senior in cat years, but he is my furbaby, and I love my furbabies so much! I didn't want to post anything about in on my blog yet till I found out more. That is the reason why I have also been a bit quiet lately. We have to give him half a pill of Benazepril every morning and every other day we give him IV fluids. I know, IV FLUIDS? That sounds crazy doesn't it? I find it interesting the medicines and treatments animals are given are a lot of the same as we take. 

We went last Friday to have his Creatnine levels checked, along with other levels of something I cannot remember. Turns out that adding the IV Fluids has helped! His levels were normal! I just have to Praise God for that, and say Thank You to whomever prayed for us. We still will have to go back in a month to do another recheck on his levels. I am praying that this will be a constant help. If it is we can help him have a longer life where he is not suffering as much. He has also been acting his normal self again. He has been running around and playing with Granger! It makes me so happy and I just have to try my best to keep positive and keep praying that it will still all work out. I just wanted to share the good news to everyone. Have A Blessed Day!

Sleeping with his brother, Granger.

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