Monday, September 07, 2015

Unique Polarity

Disclosure: I received Polarity In Motion By Brenda Vicars complimentary from Brenda Vicars. Provided I give an honest review. 

Polarity In Motion is about a fifteen year old girl named Polarity, who deals with having to move to different towns/schools constantly. The reason they have to move around a lot is because of her mother's mental condition. Her mother has borderline Personality Disorder, so she is constantly trying to find some doctor or some form of remedy. They end up moving to Garcia when Polarity is in ninth grade, because of some new type of therapy for her mother. One day during sixth period of school, a naked picture of Polarity pops up on Danny's (One of the popular jocks) computer screen. This ended up getting her sent to the principal's office and the cops being called. Poor Polarity had no idea how the picture of her naked body got posted at all, especially since it looked like she was posing for it. This made it hard for anyone to believe she would not pose for such a picture. The Police  suspected her parents, which led to an investigation and child services being called. Polarity has to figure out how to clear her and her parent's name. 

I found this book touched on a lot of sensitive subjects, such as bullying and Racial/mental issues. It isn't like any of the other young adult books I have read that deal with suspense/drama. I found Vicars to give more detail about certain things. Which I can see where some readers may not like this, because it can make a book drag sometimes. I actually enjoy all the details the author gives. It also left me hanging on my seat a lot of times, because I was ready to know who made the picture! She kept me guessing who the culprit was, which is also a plus. I will agree I got emotional at certain areas of this book, But that means it's a good book, right? I really enjoyed how the author talked about Borderline Personality Disorder, as you do not hear much about this mental disorder. I think it is one of the difficult disorders to understand and diagnose, and it is always great to get more information out about certain health or mental issues. I feel it helps others to understand more about people who deal with them. I highly recommend this book, because it is an awesome read! Have a Blessed Day!


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