Monday, November 23, 2015

Catching Up Post for: LampAndLight Photo Challenge

Hello there Loverlies! I have not slacked on Instagram, I have just slacked on posting my photos on here. Sorry! Hope you enjoy this catch up. I will also leave you with an interesting picture of me at the bottom. lol Have a Blessed Day!

Day 19 - A Struggle:

LampAndLight Photochallenge
My struggle is dealing with anxiety and depression. My Pyschotherapist has asked me to find a few books on managing anxiety etc. So I am trying my best to get better. :)
Day 20 - Nature:

LampAndLight Photochallenge
They just keep wanting to bloom. lol  So pretty :)

Day 21 - How You Study Scripture:

LampAndLight Photochallenge
I usually find online Bible studies. The one I am doing now is from Love God Greatly and is called Names of God.

Day 22 - Favorite Psalms:

LampAndLight Photochallenge
This isn't my favorite Psalms, but it is a good one. I find it possibly a new favorite. I have already shared my favorite Psalms in a past photo. This one I love because it is a good reminder of where we come from and that God is always there for us because we are his. (Sorry it is a Screenshot, I was very busy this day.)

Day 23 - Book:

LampAndLight Photochallenge
I decided to get another book on anxiety management. Hopefully this will help me, also because I like Joyce Meyer. :)

And for the final picture, this is for fun! I was on skype with my Gaybies the other night and one of them that I call Jayla said he would make my picture I sent in viber pertty. I think he did a wonderful job. what do y'all think?

You're Welcome.

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