Thursday, November 12, 2015

LAMPANDLIGHT Photo Challenge Day 12: A Reminder Of Grace

Hello there Loverlies! Day 12 of the Instagram photo challenge is A Reminder Of Grace. I sadly don't have any cross jewelry, because most the time the bracelets don't fit or the jewelry itself is HUGE! I found some cross jewelry that was cute at the hospital gift shop here in Searcy. Crazy eh? The gift shop has sometimes the cutest things! It's like it's own lil' boutique. 

I decided to do a picture of the cross because it reminds me of how much God loves us. How much Grace he shows us, and how He loves us so much he would sacrifice his own son for us to live. That is a beautiful love, and I am grateful to know a God who loves me so much. How would you describe Grace? Leave a loverly answer in the comments below. Have a Blessed Day!

 Day 12 - A Reminder Of Grace:

LAMPANDLIGHT Instagram Photo Challenge photochallenge Photograph Photography Christian Grace

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