Tuesday, November 03, 2015

LAMPANDLIGHT Photo Challenge Day 3: Mug shot

Hello Loverlies! Today is day 3 of the photo challenge I am doing. If you would like to go to THIS LINK, where I share who started this LampAndLight Instagram photo challenge. I chose this mug because it shows the word I chose for this year, FAITH. I think I am doing better at putting my worries and struggles in the Lord's hand. Compared to how I used to be, I am doing better. I could do more though. I'm praying that in every situation that I go through, that God reminds me this five letter word Faith. Hopefully I can train my mind that way. I may have to make next year's word the same. It is hard to get to the perfect spot, but nothing is perfect. We shall see. Hope you enjoy my Mug Shot! Have a Blessed Day! 

 Day 3 Challenge - Mug Shot:

Guess what's in it! Hot Cocoa.....Yes! :)

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