Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Staples: Finds I Just Had To Share!

Hello Loverlies! I went to Staples and grabbed a few fun things. I love their stationary. Most the time it's a higher price then what I want to pay though. So I just bought a few items and wanted to share with y'all. Have a Blessed Day! Folder Staples

This was the folder I got. I wanted to have a cute folder to put certain Bible study papers in. :) It was only $1.99 plus tax. SO CUTE! I don't believe it is online. Pencil Phone Case

These Pencils were part of the Cynthia Rowley brand. I purchased them for $1.99 plus tax.
Now this phone case was cool! The glitter moves! Once it is put on the phone, it makes the glitter slower to move, this made me sad. But it's still an awesome case! They have other colors and even ones with little hearts in them. It is on sale for $12.99 plus tax. You can find these online HERE.

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  1. Those pencils are so so cute! Oh and I have the exact same phone case, by the way. Mine has pink glitter & stars and the rim around the case is white!! xx



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