Friday, November 18, 2016

HE IS: Advent From Sacred Holidays

I had the blessing to receive Sacred Holidays He Is: The Attributes of God study Advent. I am so excited I believe it starts on the 28th of November, but it is okay if you start a little late. They have an advent study for women, girls, men, families, etc, and the bundles are 10% off at the moment! What is wonderful about his study is that whenever you purchase one, 10% of the profits go to provide studies to women in Prisons. Which it is amazing just to get the word out to people who need to hear and study the gospel.

I will try my best to post throughout the advent my experience as I go through the study myself. If y'all have been paying attention to my Instagram/Facebook/Twitter,  I have been posting where you can get a peek at what the study will look like on the inside. I am ready to dig into this study so I can get myself back into the Bible better than I have ever been. It is really hard for me to stick to certain things, for certain reasons. Here is a LINK so you can too go look and purchase which study you want to grab. It's never too late to purchase one, even if you start a little late in the study. Have a Blessed Day! Blog Post about He Is: The Attributes of God Study Advent from Sacred Holidays

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