Thursday, October 04, 2012

Deck The Halls Ya'll!!!

My husband and I got out yesterday. (Whenever he is off work, we try to go outside so I am not inside all the time lol)  We found this WONDERFUL Chrismas store, called Deck the Halls Ya'll. lol It is a cyute name and for some reason I feel like I have to just say it constantly. 
Anyways, I was so excited we walked in and I gasped of course.  Sadly I am sure
my husband was embarassed, because a lady said to the owner of the store, Look at her face lol.  
Well I was freaking out basically, but My lovely husband is very understanding about it.
I was so excited i couldn't breathe!!!
About everything in there was GLITTERED!!!! How awesome is that and they had HUGE ORNAMENTS!!
Anyways, I got only a few pictures. Sorry but I was overwhelmed lol but what I got are of some of my faveorite things in this store. hehe! 
Here is a Link for the Facebook Page, GO LIKE IT :)
The Address is 1211 East Beebecaps Expressway Searcy, Ar

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