Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Two New Firsts!!

A week ago I was watching YouNow, and these two british women around my age were on.  They were quite interesting and talked about their youtube videos.  So I was like let me look at this lol, they talk about makeup and what nots on their video quite interesting.  and shall I say they are funny, Which is a good plus to keep me watching about makeup and such.  Don't get me wrong i love makeup and fashion, I just easily get distracted lol.  Which this lead to me seeing their blogs and made me think maybe I should do a blog.  So here we go LOL.  
Another Reasoning for me doing this blog is, I have major depression/anxiety disorder/bpd (don't worry its not actually personality disorder lol)
So I figure this will get me to have something to look foward to doing everyday or etc, sadly i get anxiety just writing this so its another issue where im tryign to force myself to conquer anxiety, if that makes any sense.  Also would be nice if this actually inspires anyone.  If not, this is also for me.  I will basically just blog about anything for example, my day, stuff I love, Photography,anything artsy, and just random nonsense lol.

Today I actually went out to hang with a new friend (just hope i didn't scare her away lol), and was without my husband.  Well he did have to drive me.  I had fun though, I love haveing friends and it is nice to meet folks who actually want to hang out with me lol.  I drank an iced chai (I love those), and we just sat and talked for  almost three hours. :) 

Anyways since I didn't get a picture of us at the coffee house,

Walah a Picture of my cats Two christmases ago LOL.

Ta Ta For now!!

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