Thursday, October 18, 2012

Weird Dreams

Last night I had another weird dream lol.  What was odd was I had a gold bracelet on 
And the name on the bracelet was Jane.  I have no clue why I dreamed I was
Named Jane, I don't know any Janes or what not. So weird lol.
I normally really hate my dreams.  For some reason they will go into a worse phase 
When I'm in more of a depression, it's like my depression hits hugely rock bottom and then I have phases of gory dreams.  They are so detailed and nasty gory, a lot of times I wake up in panic attacks.  So miserable eh?  I thought I was hitting that phase where I have bad dreams like that again.  But so far it doesn't look like it.  Sounds silly but it's true.  Anyways I keep telling myself I will go get a dream catcher.  Probably should start looking now lol!

I shall post calming pictures now to look at lol of my pretty kitty squishy faces!!

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