Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh the anxieties!!

The past month I just feel like my anxiety has been more extreme. Booooo.... So me and my hubby went into the natural food store. It was quite neat tbh. Of course I was seeing what they had for anxiety. Well I donno why but when I went to ask the ladies who work there about it and had to explain my anxiety and what not, I hate it, but I just got anxiety talking about it lol. But they pointed out a few things there were pills and drops and tea. I think I just started getting discouraged. I just felt like I was getting hot and the room was more closed in I guess u can say. But my hubby, being the good hubby he is, ignored me saying I didn't want anything and got the tea for me.

So here I am with my tea. This tea doesn't smell all that good. It does smell medicinal to me blecgk. But imma suck it up and see if it works anyways because anxiety is just miserable. It's not healthy at all so if I can get at least some relief that will help.

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