Saturday, November 03, 2012

Loverly Fingernails

I thought I would do a blog on a few Fingernail Polishes I have purchased lately.
I will Say I have an addiction lol. I just love all the different colors and the GLITTERS!!
The Jordana Brand I got from USA Drugs. They had a sale for 88 cents each. ( I donno if they have that sale anymore)  The Sinful Colors Brand is From Walgreens.  They now have a rewards card you can sign up for which is free, and when you use it you get their sale items.  You can purchase theirs for 99 cent.  The Pure Ice brand is From Walmart.  It is 1.97 plus Tax, Which I think is Awesome!!! :)

*Jordana - Tender Coral
*Sinful COlors - Cinderella (Perfect Name!!)
*Jordana - Soft Pink (you will have to put a few coats on)

Pure Ice From Left to Right -
*Glass Of Bordeaux (This one is pretty. But you will need a black or really dark color underneath it and possibly a few coats of this one on top of the first layer)

Pure Ice From Left to Right -
*Don't You Wish
*Taxi (This one is Kinda thin also. I put it on top of a dark purple shade i had)

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