Friday, November 16, 2012

I needs Energy!!!

Today is quite frustrateing lol. As I sit on my couch I'm really trying hard to figure out something to do!! Because I would rather not have boredom at the moment (one thing that aids in my anxiety and depression, not fun). So far to keep from being bored I have been on twitter, (follow me there is a link to my twitter at the top of my blog, or u can just type Enchantedxcurse) Instagram (my name is GrimmFaeries), and a lol bit on second life. Second life Didnt last that long lol I kept crashing, I don't need to be on there constantly anyways.
So I have put on Christmas music to try to get into the cleaning mood right? It failed lol I just can't get the urge to tackle those dang dishes!!! At least I can say I folded laundry and put some of them up.
I will say one plus is I am wearing my Rudolph and Claire's pjs lol childish? I think not!! They are cozy and soft nothing wrong with my childhood favorites on my clothing items lol. I may live monster hoodies, Disney items, Christmas all the time Etc. I will not change who I am and what I love that makes me ME!! 

Anyways here are some pics of my pjs and my cute and adorable house shoes, enjoy!!!

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