Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Day Of Hobbits!!!

Monday my husband and I decided to go see The Hobbit.  It was awesome I shall say!! We decided what better place to view this wonderfulment than at the IMAX in Little Rock, in 3D.  I am so ready for the second part now dangit lol.  Of course they split it Into two movies, but that's better then leaving a lot of bits out.  I'd rather them try to fit the whole book into the movie.  But it is a must see and was worth the money.  We decided before we go watch it we would go to Denny's and have a hobbit breakfast, not the healthiest of places but I could not pass up a limited time hobbit meal. Lol.  And yes I took a picture of what we ate.  I ate a hobbit slam, which is basically choose four items you want.  I added the pumpkin patch pancakes for a dollar extra, but my meal cost six plus tax.  My hubby ordered the shire sausage, which also looked delish dangit lol. His was the same amount basically as mine.   Well that night we went to the park because I had to take outdoor pictures for my Captureing December challenge (I will post after this).  Santa was driving a horse and carriage, or however you say it, so we took a ride :).  I always wanted to ride in one of those!!!  I know not so hobbity but we did it on the same day so I figured I would Include it also lol.  Anyways enjoy the pictures and Ta Ta For now!!

Pumpkin Patch Pancakes (THE BEST)

My Bowl of Seasonal fruit (Hobbit Slam)

Hobbit Slam

Shire Sausage

The Front of the Hobbit Menu!!!

Was hard to get a good pic, but This is santa and his Horsey LOL :)

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