Thursday, December 20, 2012

Catching up on my Captureing December ;)

Days 16 - 20 Of my Capturing December!!! Day 16 was Outside Christmas Lights.  I found some pretty lighted Tree Fixtures at the Berry Hill Park in Searcy.  Sadly not many folks have christmas lights put up on their house or I would have taken photos of their houses also lol.  Day 17. I didn't take any because I accidently took those on the day 10. also, Oopsie doodles!! Day 18. Stockings, I don't have our stockings feeled but in my Picture you at least get to see the colors of em. ;) Day 19. Candy cane , I photoed my Fave candy cane, STRAWBERRY.  Very Nommy I shall say.  and finally todays date 20. Tree Topper, We decided to have a Big Gold Sparkly Glittery Bow this year.  I lOVE IT!!!! Fits our tree perfectly lol.  Alrighty I hope you enjoyed the Pictures and Ta Ta For Now!!

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