Monday, September 30, 2013

A Very Merry Unbirthday!

 Evening Loverlies!
As none of you know. LOL Yesterday was my birthday, i'm old. WEEEE HAAWWWWW!!  For some reason weee hawww sounds fun and silly instead of yeee hawww.  Anyways, I shall say I got some nice gifts i'm Lovin!!!  One of the items, which my hubby and I played whilst watching Once Upon A Time tv series, was my Beautiful The Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly game.  Yessssss, Yessssss, HE DID!!!! My husband bought me a freakin' monopoly game that is The Nightmare Before Christmas themed.  It was so much fun to play!! I act like a kid sometimes, get used to it. lol  My loverly Sissy in law bought me some E.L.F. Products, that I LOVE!! ( I will do a post on the products tomorrow)
It was an okay day for a birthday I guess you can say.  The only down part was the service at the restaurant we ate at.  The food is normally great when we order the food to be picked up.  But let's just say I think they tried to rush on the food and service.  So nope.  Another gift I totes loved was the birthday card from my two male cats, Zealand and Granger. (Yes my hubby was  trying to be cute and funny with buying a card that said from the cats. lol)  I thought it was precious!!
Enjoy and Ta Ta For Now!!

They even gave me some of their own cat food.  How unselfish are they!!

Of course the bigger paw is Zealand and the smaller one is Granger.



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