Thursday, October 03, 2013

Odd Food Combinations?

Afternoon Loverlies!!
Sorry I have not posted about my E.L.F products I got for my birthday yet.  I have been so tired lately, especially today.  I shouldn't be but I am exhausted feeling.  I will attempt to do it soon though. Tomorrow I will be out of it, because I have to take a valium tonight. lol  It is for my Dentist appointment tomorrow, I will be getting a root canal, how fun. lol  So the valium is for to knock me out and then another drug I have to take in the morning.  I hope it goes by fast though.  I would rather be asleep while it happens.  I decided to grab some books the other day at the library.  My husband loves reading mangas, so I decided let's make another attempt at reading mangas again.  So I got Sailor Moon and Alice in the country of hearts.  I like the Alice one, of course, I love alice in wonderland stuff.  I haven't finished sailor moon yet but so far it's ok.  

Alrighty now for Throwback Thursday!!  I have two stories (well donno if you can call it a story, it's very short) I will tell about when I was young, like around 5 years of age if not younger ( can't remember fully). lol  They are short but silly or as most folks view them weird.  I remember I used to sit in my high chair and eat snacks. Ok, well, the snack was Bread dipped into tropical punch koolaid.  I thought it was tasty. :) lol
I would also have my daddy break up bread in a bowl and put it on the floor.  I then would eat out of the bowl like a kitty cat, because I wanted to see what it was like to eat like a cat. I would also put milk in a bowl and do the same thing.  One more thing I did was I remember watching maniac mansion with my bubba Ricky one day.  I decided let's experiment a sandwhich.  So I went into the kitchen and put mayonaisse on one side of my bread.  Then I put ketchup on the other side of my bread, which I don't mind mixing.  But for some reason I decided to put a chocolate chip cookie in the middle and see what happens.  Yep, it was gross, I tossed the cookie then I finished off the ketchup and mayonnaise sandwhich.  Yummy eh? lol
Alrighty I finish with a picture of me for you to look at. 
Ta Ta For Now!!

I didn't want to be at VBS,  and I definitly didn't want my picture taken!!

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