Thursday, September 19, 2013

Precious Throw Back Thursday Kitties!!

Afternoon Loverlies!!
Throwback Thursday again eh? *LoL* Don't laugh at my picture.  This one is of course as it says in 1995, I was I think ten when this was taken.  I lived in Greenbrier, arkansas at the time and I wanna say they had this park every summer.  I cannot remember, but they would have Safari Park come where you could pay to hold and feed a baby lion. They also had alot of other animals of course, like a small zoo.  I loved holding this lion she was so adorable. (I know my face says otherwise, but I just didn't like taking pictures at the time. lol)  Anyways it was alot of fun!! WEEEEEEE!!! I hated the bangs I had in this picture, NO BANGS FOR YOU!!  

This picture was when I first got Zealand!!  I got him from PetSmart when he was 5 weeks old. How adorable is he!!!  He is so big now, but we knew he was gonna be a big kitty when we saw his paws.  They were big for a kittens sized paw. This picture was taken around 2005.  Odd I post two pictures with a 5 at the end of the year. lol  I was skinnier and younger here also, so I guess you can say I posted three different Throw Back Thursdays today eh?  Soon I shall be back to this size.  My fourth day of excercising and plenty more to come!! Wish Me Luck!!  Ta Ta For Now!!

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