Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cravin' That Hispanic Food :D

Afternoon Loverlies!!
Today my hubby and I decided to try out this new restaurant in Searcy, Arkansas. The Restaurant is hispanic and called El Almacen The Warehouse.  I donno what type of hispanic it is, but it's good. :) I felt nerdy taking pictures but I just had to blog it.  They made it so pretty!! lol  The prices were just like every other normal restaurant price.  Which is very awesome for us folks who can't afford spensive foods. ;) I didn't want this as my appetizer, but you could order guacamole from the appetizer section.  what is neat though is that they prepare the guacamole in front of you. NOMS!!  Too bad we didn't choose it, but thought I should mention it to y'all.  I do apologize for the pictures, all I had with me at the moment was my iphone.  Enjoy the Pictures!! Ta Ta for now!

Scuse some of the blurries. I blurred out folks so ya couldn't see em since, ya know I don't know them. But I wanted a picture of the restaurant inside. so There ya go!!

You could sit upstairs!!

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