Sunday, September 08, 2013

Sisterly love!!

Mawnin loverlies, yesterday I finally received mail from my sister David (yeah I call him sister and he calls me bro.  We are weird like that. Just let it happen :). ) anyways I got the sweetest home made card with a picture of a flower in his garden.  It's so pretty!! He also took a petal from that flower and pressed it and dried it for me.  So I now have a piece of South Africa with me!! How awesome!! I have a few ideas already on how to preserve this petal and use it as decor in my house.  I will show a pic of it when I'm done. :). He also sent me a separate paper card, with our second life characters on the front.  It was when we first met.  My avy is silly, I would go around wearing men's briefs with a bulge. Whilst also wearing a beard. I thought it was weird and fun/funny at the time. *lol* well, David wrote a sweet lil story n my card about how we met.  I love it!! Alrighty, that's all I got to show and tell today.  :)
Ta Ta For Now!!

My Silly Sister David. lol  Such a Sweet Story eh? 

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