Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Oh The Silly Faces!!

Afternoon Loverlies!!
This weekend I actually had a Busy weekend for once.  I am happy about it.  I did deal with some anxiety, but I was able to get through it for some reason.  Maybe cuz it wasn't something too extreme.  I donno.  Saturday we went over to my Step Grandparent in laws house.  We ate chicken, pork, bbq, potatoes, cole slaw, and Sweet corn on the cob.  NOMMYS!!  The next day we went to my father in laws to go swimming.  I miss swimming.  I remember when I was little I constantly wanted to go swimming.  Heck, I didn't even care about eating or anything. I just wanted to stay in the swimming pool.  *LoL*  ( I kinda like how that LoL looks with these asteriky thingys)  anyways, Of course I got burnt while swimming.  I forgot to put some more sun screen on again.  I have to keep applying it otherwise I get burnt.  I never seem to tan like other folks do.   I have scottish and irish in my blood.  So I normally just freckle.  My burns turn to freckles and back to pale skin normally. *LoL*  I don't mind though.  Over the years I have come to accept my vampy skin, there is nothing that I can do about it, so I just let it be.  I also think how weird I would look if I could tan.  Monday my sis in law came over to eat lunch and watch True Blood with my hubby and I.  We finally finished this seasons episodes and dangit!! I'm curious how next season will be.  After the hubster left for work, my Heather and I decided to do some piccys. YAY!!!  After so many times asking her, she finally wanted to do pictures with me!!  I think we got a few good ones taken.  Next time I think we are gonna go outside and do pictures out there.  I am excited about that.  I want to do some fun fantasy pictures.  WEEEE!!!! 

I was looking at a blog today called Cause You Gotta Have Faith.
She was talking about how she uses this app called Couch to 5k to help lose weight with.  I decided lets look at this app and yesh I did purchase it.  It is really cool!! I have not used it yet but I beleive I am gonna try to accomplish this goal of loseing weight and maybe even RUN a 5k.  The app includes 5 different training coaches, training plan, playlists within app music player, calculate your distance and pace, map your routes, log your workouts, and more.  How exciting is that?  I think it's exciting. *LoL*  I just hope I can keep it up.  I need to make a collage of all pictures when I was skinny and just look at them every day.  Hopefully that will encourage me enough to try to go outside and do these excersizes.  I worry about the bugs that bite and sting sadly.  argh.  But I will try my best. :D  Alrighty, I shall leave y'all with a few of the pictures that were taken yesterday.  Enjoy!


Heather being Silly!!

Me Being Silly!

Me, well, being silly again! *LOL*

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