Friday, August 30, 2013

I winky At you!!

Afternoon Loverlies!!
Today the hubster and I got outside to get some groceries.   Well I wanted to stop by Bath and Body Works to see if they had any sales on the candles.  Oh my GOSH!! I came to find they have their autumn scents out!!  So many too choose from, actually too much to chose from, it was a hard decision.  The Candles weren't on sale sadly, but I still think they are worth the price.  These candles everytime you burn them, always keep the same smell.  Well they just keep a smell.  So many candles from other stores the smell doesn't last at long, which is very depressing.  So, yes, from now on I will purchase from Bath and Body Works for their candles.  Weeeeee!!!  I did notice they had some sales though.  I purchased one item that was on sale. *giggles* I know why not purchase more?? Well I had my eye on a few other items I couldn't bear to live without.  The sale is All Anti - Bactereal Hand soap is 2.50 each.  I will post under the pictures what each item is.  I just wanted to share with y'all, whoever reads this, about some good sales.
Ta Ta For Now!

This Candle Smells like ICED CHAI TEA!!!! I SO LOVE THIS SMELL!!  Makes me want an Iced Chai Dangit.  *Drools*

Cute Owl Wallflower I bought for the second bedroom.  :D

The Scent to go in my Owl Wallflower.  This scent is basically Blackberry with like an autumny spice scent mixed with it. I love it!!

I Love These Autumn Smells.  This is what was on sale!!

Ok Yesh I splurged on this one.  I could NOT Live without these cute winky owl socks!! Oh my gosh!!!

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