Friday, October 11, 2013

Love Them Samples, Don't ya!!

Afternoon Loverlies!!
I so need to get on the ball with keepin' up with my posts.  I will though!!!  I'll put a picture at the bottom for my late Throwback Thursday. :) Alrighty, on to a different subject.  I decided to go to this site that has samples you can sign up to get. The site is called  I thought how fun!!  I shall get some samples, try them out, and just blog about them.  The first sample is from Estée
 Lauder perfume called Modern Muse.  Now when I first tried the perfume it just sprayed at me.  Not cool. LOL  But maybe it's cuz it's just the little sample bottle. The scent sadly is hard to describe for me.  It kinda smells like some other perfumes I have smelt before. When I first put it on though it was very strong, but luckily most perfumes smells die down after a bit.  Then it is not so strong. After it dies down it kinda has a sweet smell to it I think.  Not like candy but just a slight sweet smell.  I don't think I will be purchasing it in a full bottle to be honest, but I will go ahead and use up my sample.  

Me and my Brothers!! Rocky (Left), Me (Middle), Ricky (Right)
When I was little, I used to go around and pick flower petals and eat them to see if they tasted good.  I also would lick twigs.  Yeah, not so tasty. ;)

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