Monday, November 25, 2013

Learn MORE About Me MONDAY!! - 2

Afternoon Loverlies!! Today is Learn MORE About Me MONDAY!! yay!!! First off, yesterday we went to my Father in laws house for an early Thanksgiving. :D There were a lot of people there i've never met before. Sadly I didn't get many pictures. I got really anxious. lol Silly. Yep. But I got a picture of me and my hubby and I shall post that onto today's post. :D

1.) When I was 9 years old, one of the best movies that came out was The Nightmare Before Christmas. Sadly I remember that as one of the last things I got for Christmas from my mom. I love this movie!! I love the music and everything. lol. Well, for some odd reason, I had a crush on Jack Skellington. Yes, i'm a bit coo coo? oh well. What's even more odd I had a crush on Michaelangelo, off of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, when I was like 4 I think? lol

2.) I love to sing!! It is hard to get me to be quiet when i'm just in that singing mood. lol I do it absentmindedly. Also, it is very hard for me to sing quietly. I just belt it, even when i'm thinking i'm singing quietly.

3.) The Les Miserables soundtrack gives me goosebumps!!! Especially the Castle On A Cloud song.

4.) When I was around age nine. Somehow I would get away with watching Stephen King movies and other scary movies. I would watch them by myself, without any issues. Now if I watch movies like that, I get really spooked and freak out.

5.) I once watched Moulin Rouge every day for almost a year straight.

6.) When I was in college. I went to Central Baptist College in conway, ar. We had every Christmas, something called Madrigal Dinner. It was where we had to dress up in petticoats and sing old colonial style music. lol something like that. Also it was a way to raise money for our trips we went on. Every spring we would go on choir tour in a certain state. Where we would sing at churches and schools. One of the songs were The Rose Of Sharon. These songs we had to sing acapella. It was fun though!! I really do miss performing.

My dress I had to wear. lol I loved the petticoat though was fun!! 

Alrighty, well there is more info about me and my weird ways. Hope y'all enjoyed it!! Again I still would like comments with info about y'all. Whoever reads this!! :D Ta Ta For Now!!

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