Friday, November 22, 2013

Wouldn't It Be Nice To Be Fearless?

Afternoon Loverlies!! I have finally finished reading Fearless by Francine Pascal. This is a Young Adult book. A lot of the Young Adult books I have noticed have "gettin' it on Scenes" in them. lol This book did have one quick scene, but that was it. Maybe i'm just old fashioned. But if I had a teenager I don't believe I would allow them to read these Young Adult books they have out nowadays. Maybe that would make me a bit controlling? Is that the word? Oh well. Onto this book.

I actually enjoyed this book, considering there were no witches or vampires. It is about this girl who is in high school named Gaia Moore. She grew up with a loving father and mother. Her father would teach her different types of martial arts and fighting skills. He also taught her how to shoot guns. Basically how to protect herself. When she was a teenager her mother died and her father left short after that. She then had to live with different foster parents. She finally ended up with an old friend of her fathers named George who was in the CIA and his wife Ella. (I think I remembered that right. HA!). Gaia wasn't fond of Ella. Anyways, Gaia is missing the emotion of Fear. Get it? The book is called Fearless. ;) That's all i'm giving out!! I don't want to give away all of the goodies. This book is full of adventure, fighting, and suspense. If that's what y'all love reading. Then I say, give it a go. I found it to be a very easy read. I now have to get the next book and see what happens! Here I come Library...

I would be interested to see what books y'all enjoy reading. So leave me a Loverly comment below please. :) Ta Ta For Now!!

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