Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What Ring Size Are You?

Getting the Right Ring Size when Shopping at Online Jewelry Stores
When shopping for silver jewelry, or any jewelry for that matter, online, you want to be certain that you know what you are getting. This is particularly true when it comes to buying rings. Before you purchase a ring from an online store, you have to know what size you need. While this may seem perfectly easy if you already know your ring size, you have to understand that all countries do not follow the same rules when it comes to ring sizes.

In the United States and Canada for instance, you may wear a size 7. In other countries however, that size may be listed as H ½ or something similar. If you are not familiar with how sizing works in other countries it can be very difficult to know what size you actually need. That beautiful diamond engagement ring that you think is perfect for your beloved may cause you headaches when you try to figure out just what size she will wear.

There is a way to tell what size you need. You can either call up your jeweler and ask to have your finger sized, and be sure to ask how to tell what that size is in other countries, or you can download a ring sizer. offers a downloadable ring size converter that is easy to use and will tell you exactly what size you wear.

The download is quick and easy and you do not actually have to install anything on your computer. You just use the free size converter to determine your size and see what that equates to in countries that do not follow the same size rules that you are used to using. This way, you know that you are getting the right size instantly when you order. If the ring is for yourself, you can enjoy wearing it the day it is delivered. If it is for someone else, you will know that you have chosen the perfect size along with the perfect ring.

When you buy any jewelry online, you have to know that you are getting what you pay for. If you are buying rings without actually knowing what size you need, you are basically throwing away money. There is no way to know for certain that the ring you want will fit unless you know without doubt that you have chosen the correct size. Getting that size is easy when you choose to download the ring size converter or you can always take your chances and hope that the perfect ring you have found will fit.

Think strongly about finding your true ring size before you order rings online. There really is no sense in buying a ring that you can never wear or worse, choosing a beautiful engagement ring for your love that will not fit. If you want to know without a doubt that you are getting the right size, take the time to determine your true size before you buy so there will be no mistakes.

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  1. Sadly my engagement ring was a bit too big. When we were moving it fell off, but I didnt' realize it. When I did realize it it was all too late. It was lost in a huge pile of papers and boxes. So very sad.

    1. AWWWW. That stinks!!! I've lost a ring before, it can be very depressing!!


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