Monday, November 11, 2013

Rose Gold Anyone?

Mawnin' Loverlies!! Is anyone else ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas?? I am excited and nervous to be honest. But I always get anxiety around these times having to go to my families homes. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy spending time with them. I just hate being away from my house for periods of time. Would be wonderful if we had a bigger house and folks could come to ours for the holidays. lol Maybe someday!! I am excited to get that Christmas tree up around thanksgiving. I think the Christmas tree is like one of my favorite parts about December. It is so pretty with all the cute little ornaments and the lights. I can just stare at the lights, constantly. lol

Also anxious about trying to get Christmas presents for folks. I find it difficult just trying to figure out what to get each for person. Especially my husband, Maybe because I feel like I have to get the perfect present, that they will love. Silly I guess, but that's my weird OCD kicking in. If you can even call it OCD. I was looking on BrandBacker the other day, (BrandBacker is a site for bloggers to sign up on. There will be brands that post  an item they want bloggers to blog about. In return bloggers will get a sample or paid), Sadly this brand was so popular that they ran out of samples. lol

I wanted to just go ahead and post about it anyways. This lovely brand is called Rakani and guess what they make. Watches!! They have some of the prettiest watches. I am not really a watch wearer, but I wouldn't mind having one of their watches to wear. They look like they are very nice quality and there are good amount of choices to choose from. The watch I would wear is from the Ish collection in Rose Gold /White. I just love Rose Gold, it is very soft on the eyes. This watch is only $170.00. They offer free shipping and returns.  Awesome eh? As soon as I am able to save up I shall purchase this, Or maybe santa claus will read my post and just wrap this up and stick it under my tree eh? lol *crosses fingers* Click this link to go see which watch you love!! Ta Ta For Now!!

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